June 7th, 2015


Yesterday was sunny and nice. It got up to 85F in Portland - just on the cusp between 'warm' and 'hot'. I sat on the porch for a good bit of the day.

My lease on the new place starts a week from today. I like where I'm living now well enough, and there will probably be things I'll miss, but I am looking forward to the move. My actual, physical move will mostly happen about a week later. But as soon as the lease starts, I can start moving my things in - and parking in my parking space, which all by itself will be a big plus.

On Gender

The word gender originally means category, so when we talk about gender we necessarily gener-alize.

I don't think it's a secret that there are, overall, differences between men and women (besides the physical ones); I also don't think it's a mystery that some individuals are outliers, and some may even have more in common, temperamentally, with the opposite sex from what their body indicates.

I don't know what makes us what we are. Maybe it's the way the neurons in the brain are wired, or maybe it's something else. And I don't know if this makes me liberal, or conservative, or something else, but I believe in the right of people to be who they are.