September 6th, 2015

Africa postponed

I'd been planning a trip to Uganda - with an enroute visit to Nairobi, Kenya - to teach Hebrew at the Hadassa school in Mbale this October.* Had my flight booked and everything. Unfortunately, having that plan work depended on getting my tax refund before October (my refund is a good-sized chunk of change) in order to cover my bills before I go; and it now looks like the refund won't show up until November. So, the trip has to be scrubbed until next year.

(Background: I get some extra income from an inheritance from a relative who came into some money. It's an annuity that pays in November. The tax situation is a little unusual - plus I suspect I'm on somebody's sh*t list at the IRS - and no matter how carefully my preparer does my return, I'm kept in limbo for months waiting for my refund, and by October I'm "between paychecks" so to speak.)

So this is not a complete surprise, but still disappointing. But it's probably just as well that I'm staying home for the rest of the year, because it'll give me a chance to get some steady work, build my social circle, and maybe even get some kind of dating life going on.

So, I'm going to have to email my contacts on Mbale and tell them it's off for a few more months, which sucks. But Africa will still be there next year.

*Background on the Jewish community in Uganda: About 100 years ago there was a guy named Semei Kakungulu who adopted the religion of the Old Testament and declared himself a Jew. He raised up a generation of followers, and their followers eventually came to follow traditional Judaism. They're known as the Abayudaya [].