September 10th, 2015

Thursday night: express update.

Yikes! I haven't posted since Sunday! Where does the time go?

I've had a couple of pleasant dates lately, more to follow, hopefully, in a forthcoming post. Nothing earth-shattering but it's always nice meeting new people.

Worked a one-day gig yesterday doing a register install in Vancouver, WA. My first official hands-on tech job, so a minor career milestone for me. [Background: I've worked the last 20+ years in administration and office services, and I'm in the process of negotiating a mid-life career change into technology.]

Also in the work world, I have an interview with an office staffing agency tomorrow - not burning those admin bridges just yet.

I promised myself I was going to finish all of Toni Morrison's novels by the end of the summer. I had to cheat a little bit by going to the abridged versions on audiobook, but I'm glad I did because I'm covering more ground this way. (Also I like that TM reads all her own material.) I am especially enjoying her lesser-known titles like 'Tar Baby', 'Jazz', and 'Paradise' (which I'm halfway through now). Then I can go back and read the print books at my leisure. I'm planning to post my own impressions of each of her novels (eleven to date) here at LJ eventually.

I have an interest in doing voice work myself, and am hoping to get into reading audiobooks. That's currently on hold, only because most of my energy is going towards getting a regular day job, and I will still need a little more coaching on voice techniques and audio production before I'm really ready to go live. But I'm looking forward to picking up that strand in the new year.