October 26th, 2015

Dear Amazon.com

What in blazes does "delivered and is ready for pick up" mean?
If it was delivered, then by definition it does not need to be picked up.
If you are expecting me to pick it up, then you have not delivered it.



Via andrewducker: How the world forgot the cure for scurvey. Steam power, complacency, and confusion over the nomenclature of certain citrus fruits conspired to obscure the correct nature of the cure. In the words of Limey Snicket, a series of unfortunate events indeed.

Also: NASA Funds Electricity-Harvesting Robotic Space Eel With Explosive Jet Thrusters and Electroluminescent Skin. Yup, the article is as cool as the headline.

Go visit philmophlegm and test yourself on some of these.

Via prester_scott, a fascinating series of videos on Architecture and the Catholic Church.

The first great works of digital literature are already being written.

Now here's a Clinton I can get down with.

A friend in Facebook-land reminds me that it's the 600th anniversary of the St Crispin's Day Battle of Agincourt. Telegraph:

In the cold, wet dawn of October 25th, 1415, no one could have expected Henry’s army to survive the day. He had around 6,000 men, over 5,000 of them archers, while the French numbered at least 30,000 and were so confident that, before the battle was joined, they sent some newly arrived reinforcements away. By dusk on that St Crispin’s Day, the small English army had entered legend. ...

"It's the heiress and the bimbo."

Monty Oum has left us, but RWBY lives on.


Emerald (green hair) and Mercury (silver hair and costume) are actually villains, but the other characters don't know this yet. They've infiltrated Beacon Academy posing as students in order to suss out the fighting style and weaknesses of Ruby and her team.

Nora reminds me of Overly Attached Girlfriend.

Lie Ren - Nora's laconic partner in green - was originally voiced by Monty Oum himself; he's now voiced by Monty's brother Neath.