January 13th, 2016


Wednesday night: EMT leapex, etc.

Posting may be light for a while, as the start date of my EMT course approaches anon. Due to imperfect communication between myself and the school, I did not have a clear picture of what preparatory work I was expected to do before class ... but I'm now getting it done!

Sorry I cannot comment or respond to comments as regularly as I would like. LJ friends, know that your journals are an important part of my life and I read them regularly!


"The Falcon has landed." And, SpaceX will try to land rocket on remote controlled ship.

'Tolerance: The Beacon of the Enlightenment' is available for free download; via the Persistent Enlightenment blog. This accessible, readable book is an English translation of a French project that was conceived in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

Penn Jillette gets a Bible. How to be an atheist and not be an asshole; also, how to evangelize and not be an asshole.

I will try to contain my grief.