March 9th, 2016


Wednesday morning

Somebody told me there's a rule of thumb for jet lag: one day per time zone to fully adjust. That sounds about right. I was back to being more-or-less functional after about 48 hours, but still feeling slightly out-of-it. Eleven time zones, and my first day back was March 1, so I ought to be all caught up in the next day or two.

I've been organizing my pictures and notes from the Africa trip and I'll be posting them here soon.

If you've been following the Malheur Refuge standoff in southeastern Oregon (Harney County) and the LaVoy Finicum shooting, the Oregonian has full coverage. The newly released cellphone video from Shawna Cox is linked at the article. It sounds like Finicum was reaching for his gun when he was shot - maybe he wanted to die a martyr. But it also appears the FBI agents weren't being completely truthful in their account of events.