March 31st, 2016


Thursday afternoon: work, car, dating, etc.

I rejoined the working world a week ago, with a short-term gig replacing laptop motherboards for a local school district. I worked my butt off but the pay was good and I'm looking forward to getting more of this type of work. I like the hands-on stuff.

I'm having to take a few days to get my car fixed and tie up some last loose ends. I may be getting a new (used) car in the near future; my Subaru has served me well, but it's needing another trip to the shop, and it may be nearing the end of its useful life. If I'm going to work in the tech field I will probably be doing a lot of driving, and I'll need reliable transportation.

And I finally got my storage cube cleaned out, so now ALL of my books (and other belongings, but mainly books) are here in my apartment, many of them still in boxes. I can finally stop paying the monthly storage fee, now I need to think about downsizing my collection. Painful but necessary.

Date tonight, yay. This is a lady I originally met more than a year ago; we went out a few times and fell out of touch. But we re-connected a couple of weeks ago and I'm looking forward to meeting up with her again tonight.