August 23rd, 2016


Tuesday morning linkage

Billye Joyce's journey. 'I was born just 81 years after the ratification of the amendment to the US Constitution that abolished the slavery of Africans. I was given a good Southern name – Billye Joyce – although it was a harsh time to be African-American in the United States, especially in the South. We were still called colored or Negroes, and oftentimes the other n-word was used. I was born in Big Momma's (my grandmother's) house because colored doctors were not allowed to use the hospitals in Texas. ... People often ask me what my religion was before I went to the mikvah. No one displays much interest in the fact that I grew up as a “plain vanilla” Protestant Christian. But their interest perks up when I say I was once Wiccan. ...'

Millennials offended by stereotype of easily offended millennials. '“I’m a millennial myself. How are we so coddled, and what about our overly politically correct workplace bothers you?” they asked somewhat stroppily at the panel.'

Ten things you did not know about the Roman Legions. Well, meritahut probably did, but the rest of us, maybe not so much.

Origins of 31 science fiction terms. For some reason, waldo didn't make the list. Via philmophlegm.