August 26th, 2016


Friday morning: The value of boredom.

Soon to leave the house and head to my job where I will be tolerably bored for eight hours. That's really not a bad thing. My life has been pretty chaotic lately (you know, the past few decades or so) and I'm finding the routine comforting.

They say boredom has a positive side, too, in that it lets your mind get ready for new ideas. I think there's something to that.

Friday afternoon: One-day weekend, and new books.

I am fortunately now in a work situation where I'm not expected to work on Shabbat but can still pick up a few extra bucks by working overtime on Sunday. So I'll be heading back out Sunday morning, office key and badge in pocket, to put in a few hours.

Delivered this afternoon: 'The Iran Wars' by Jay Solomon, and 'Flex' by theferrett. One of the pleasures of LJ is that it attracts a literate crowd of both readers and writers.

Shabbat shalom and have a great weekend.