September 21st, 2016


Wednesday night: Work and stuff.

My current job allows me overtime, and I'm taking advantage of it. I worked 5 hours Sunday, and 10 hours Monday, Tuesday, and today. My goal is to work at least 50 hours a week for the next few weeks. That may be a challenge with the Jewish holidays coming up, but at least my work situation allows me enough flexibility that I won't have to miss too many hours because of it.

Only fly in the ointment is I can't access LiveJournal from work! It's blocked by IT on the grounds of being an "external data storage site". I don't surf the net or post on my work time - I'm pretty conscientious about doing an hour's work for an hour's pay - but it would be nice to be able to journal on my breaks. I'm trying to figure out a work-around.

Anyway, I find the work routine comforting. It's good to be back in the workforce earning a paycheck.

HTAN: Aleph and the Vowels



Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet and it is silent.Collapse )
ETA:  Another look at the vowels.
אָ ah 'father' (Kamatz) Ashkenazi speakers pronounce this like 'o' or 'aw' in some words.
אֵ ey 'they' (Tsere)
אִי ee 'feel' (Chirek)
אוֹ o 'go' (Cholam) Some Ashkenazi speakers pronounce this almost like 'oy'.
אוּ oo 'fool' (Shuruk)

אַ ah 'father' (Patach)
אֶ eh 'pet' (Segol)
אִ i 'pit' (Chirek)
אֹ o 'for' (Cholam)
אֻ u 'put' (Kubutz)

In addition, there is the silent vowel [אְ] (Sheva) which may be pronounced as a neutral sound ('uh') or not at all.