October 14th, 2016

LJ / DW (and other social media)

Reminder - if you are on LJ you can friend me at [http://asher63.livejournal.com/], and on DW I'm at [http://asher553.dreamwidth.org/].

You can also find me on Flickr [https://www.flickr.com/photos/asher813/], where I've been inactive for a while but am hoping to be posting again soon.

And if you are inclined to venture into FB-land, I'm there under my real-life name at [https://www.facebook.com/asher.abrams].

New anime?

Anime fans out there, what's your favorite new series?

(I am somewhat a newcomer to the genre myself, and I want to get started on something where I won't have to spend weeks catching up.)

Also, what's your favorite all-time series?