November 24th, 2016


Thursday night: Thanksgiving at the shul, with Qwirkle.

Came back to my soon-to-be former apartment at Shadowdale to get some packing and cleaning done.

I live alone and I didn't have any Thanksgiving plans, so I attended a Thanksgiving dinner at the Sephardic congregation down the road. (It's one of two synagogues in my neighborhood around Shadowdale that I've attended regularly - the other is the Chabad across the street.) There were a total of five of us: the Rabbi, Len, his cousin Larry, Michael H., and me. Len, who is a bit eccentric, corraled Larry and me into a game of Qwirkle with him, which neither of us had played previously. Despite being in a somewhat sour mood (and having gone to the event with an attitude of "I'll go to this stupid thing because I don't have anything better to do") I had a good time, and came in a respectable 2nd after Len, who was, after all, the resident Qwirkle master.

We ate (kosher turkey, stuffing with chicken liver, and sweet potatoes), and Michael and the Rabbi talked sports while Len and Larry reminisced. I ducked out early, pleading fatigue, plus I need to get my place ready for TNG's visit tomorrow.

And with that, I'm going to get ready to turn in early. Happy Thanksgiving!