December 20th, 2016


Monday morning I found my car had been broken into overnight. I hadn't kept anything valuable in it and they didn't take much - just a few knick-knacks that I can easily live without. It's costing me a new window, of course, and a trip to the auto shop, but the car was due for an oil change anyway.

I haven't had internet service at home since last week when I moved out of my old place. I can use my computer at work post to DW, which cross-posts to LJ, but LJ is blocked here - so I can post to LJ but not read it.

I'm scheduled to have CenturyLink set up in my new place tomorrow (Wednesday). With that done, and all the craziness of moving behind me, I'm looking forward to having time to catch my breath and catch up on friends' pages and journaling.