December 30th, 2016

Friday Linkage

Gatestone Institute: Yves Mamou on Secularism
Now, after more than a century of separation of powers between church and state, an intolerant and extremist Islam is disrupting the rules of the game, invading public spaces, schools, universities and companies with the veil, halal food and open violence.

Algemeiner: The 40 worst colleges for Jewish students.
Nine of the 40 are in California; the rest are in the United States and Canada.

Going Postal

My first plan for the new civil year is to get some written correspondence going. I've got a whole stack of postacards with stamps and return address stickers already on 'em, sitting on my writing desk ready to go.

Inbox me if you'd like to exchange postal addresses.


Feeling obligated to post something on the latest spasm at LJ. (Which inter alia clogged my email inbox with over 200 birthday notifications for a single user.)

I share most people's ambivalence about DreamWidth vs. LiveJournal. I prefer LJ overall and retain some degree of brand loyalty to it, I suppose, but I'm not going to be dogmatic about it. For the time being I'll continue posting at DW with an automatic cross-post to LJ - unless it's a photo, in which case I'll probably be lazy and just post straight to LJ and hope for the best.

I'm not persnickety about comments. Feel free to comment at LJ, DW, both, or neither as you like.

PS - I'm Asher63 at LJ, Asher553 at DW.