April 8th, 2018


Sunday afternoon: Back in the workforce, scattered thoughts.

I've updated my online jobseeker profiles, contacted my agency recruiters, and started submitting applications. I'm optimistic that I will find full-time day work within a few weeks.

Doing tutorials on Visual Studio and Android Studio on a regular basis; learning how to use GitHub. This is a longer-term project as it will take some time to get any real proficiency, but I'm getting comfortable with the basics now.

My brain is hungry for more kinds of stimulation than I've been giving it, so I'm looking to get back into taking in more kinds of arts / entertainment - books, music, film, anime - and getting back into doing the kinds of creative stuff I used to like to do. (Writing, drawing, photography, reviews.)

I've made peace with the fact that my learning style is marked by a sort of intellectual ADD - I'm not happy unless I'm studying a half-dozen things concurrently. For this reason I was never able to perform well in traditional academic settings. What I do do well, though, is learning in a very regimented, intensive, short-term course, such as the IT bootcamp and the EMT bootcamp that I completed a few years ago. One of the benefits of aging is that you get to learn more about your strengths and weaknesses, and learn to strategize around them. So I'm optimistic that I may yet be able to get back into a college setting one day, and complete that engineering degree. The fact of not having a four-year degree has never really bothered me, but still it's something I'd like to achieve.

Seeing the regular gang at Chabad on a weekly basis is helping a lot. Also there are some hopeful developments on the dating front, though nothing exciting yet. I find that being honest and upfront about my politics is a big help - it saves a lot of time on unsuitable matches, and starts the interaction off on a better footing. Politics has always been the "elephant in the room" (so to speak) for me, so it's liberating to have it not be a taboo subject anymore.

I've dropped more than 20 pounds since last year. I was stuck at 185+ pounds for the longest time. Finally started making progress when I moved out here. Frankly, part of it was just being broke and running out of groceries a lot! But also the change of environment helped a lot. Now I am solidly under 165 lbs, and feeling good about getting down to 150, which is my target.


On another social media site, somebody asked "What cover song do you think is better than the original?" I nominated this:

(And damn you, 2017.)

I think I remember hearing on a radio interview (so many years ago!) that ELP had presented a demo tape to Copeland in the hopes of gaining his blessing to release the recording - but they omitted Emerson's wild keyboard solo from the demo, fearing it would bring a sure rejection from Copeland. After hearing the tape, Copeland turned them down - saying they hadn't done anything original with the piece! Upon hearing the whole recording, he gave his approval.

At least, that's how I remember the story. But memory is a fragile thing.