August 29th, 2018


Six ugly salsa bowls.

The problem:

The solution:

Today's big news was that my order of six salsa bowls arrived. They're not elegant but they don't need to be. I bought them with a very specific purpose in mind: to keep small, stray objects (and even more specifically, my glasses) in one place where I can find them easily. The bowls are red, yellow, and green - not my favorite colors, aesthetically, but that's actually good because they contrast with almost everything I own.

I even used one to put salsa in!

In other news - almost as exciting as the six salsa bowls - I learned that my contract at work has been extended a couple of months beyond the original six. I like where I'm working, and apparently the feeling is mutual.

Big world.

When I picked up my mail at my mailbox in Scappoose, those salsa bowls weren't the only treat. I also got my DVD of Season 1 of 'Little People, Big World'.

My main interest in the show is that it's set locally - the Roloff farm is in Helvetia, just a few miles from where I live, and I often drive past it on my way into town. But I'm also quickly getting caught up in the human story of Matt and Amy and their kids. It's the story of a family straddling two worlds - the world of 'little people' (such as Matt and Amy and Zach, who are born with dwarfism) and 'average size people' (Molly, Jacob, and Zach's twin brother Jeremy).

So I'm looking forward to following the story of the Roloffs, just a few miles south of where I live.