October 18th, 2018

Conversation at work.

Steve is a friendly, talkative, gregarious guy. Yesterday after the chili cook-off he came up to me on break and started reminiscing about an unfortunate incident in his youth that had involved some chili and a lot of liquor (vodka, to be exact). My first reaction was, Gee, Steve, thanks for sharing, I'm glad I already had my lunch. But I just listened politely, and got to thinking. The mention of vodka prompted me to go over to Steve's desk a few minutes later and say, "Yeah, I enjoy a beer or a shot of whiskey, but I watch my consumption - and vodka is the one thing I never touch." And then I shared a bit about my Mom and my sister Stephanie.

And Steve listened sympathetically and we had a good conversation. And then Steve said, "Well, you know, old King Solomon didn't have anything against taking a drink" - meaning Ecclesiastes - and I countered with, "yeah, but Proverbs 20:1!" and showed him the verse in the Bible I keep on my desk. And then we looked at 31:4-7 and chatted about that a bit.

So, it's funny who you open up to. Steve is the total opposite of me, but he was the one I ended up sharing with about my family background. We talked about basic things - food, drink, the Bible, family. And it was a chance for me to bond with people at work, and maybe humanize myself a bit, because I suspect I can sometimes seem cold and aloof to others.