February 7th, 2019

Thursday afternoon: Between chapters.

I'm waiting to hear back from the agency with official confirmation for the new job I'm to start Monday. Last I heard, still waiting for the background check to complete. I've never had an issue with background checks, and there's nothing that would give me reason to worry about passing one, but I'll still feel better when I get the official all-clear.

So I'm in that unsettled place where one chapter of my life has come to a close and the next is yet to begin. Good time to practice being in the moment.

New job is officially official.

Just after my last post, I got the word that I'm all set to start Monday!

It's a major semiconductor company in Hillsboro (no, not THAT one, but another big name) just an 8 - 10 minute drive from my home. So, an even shorter commute from here than my last gig. The work is help desk, basically what I've been doing the last 2 - 3 years. Pay is enough to pay my bills and even have a little left over. The people seem really nice.

So, all in all a very good thing. I'm stoked.