April 19th, 2019

Springing ahead.

I'm feeling positive and energized these days. Last week I went to two conservative meetups plus a Jordan Peterson meetup in a single week. All were well-attended and positive.

This week's news about the car, while unwelcome, came as a kind of relief, because I knew I wouldn't be able to keep the car running forever. Now that I'm in a situation where I have a reasonable commute to work and an easy trip for shopping, it's one headache I will be happy to do without.

I've been two months at my present gig - I'll call the company Green Hills Semiconductor. The job is going well, I like the people I work with, it's a supportive training environment, and the pay is decent. After last year's fiasco, I am finally getting my finances on track, and in a few more weeks I might have enough spending money to think about buying myself some goodies (like that BlackBerry Key2 I've been wanting).

And Passover is upon us. It's gonna be a low-key affair for me - I'll swing by Safeway after work and stock up on some Pesach-friendly groceries - but I am going into the holiday in good spirits.