July 5th, 2019

Bronowski's London, Bronowski's century.

Working-class London in the 1920s was one of the epicenters of the economic and social revolution of the twentieth century, a revolution that within Bronowski's lifetime would not only see the gas lamps and horse carts replaced with electric lights and automobiles, but would also see man walking on the moon, polio cured, and the atom turned into both a weapon and a source of light and warmth. Few stood to gain more from this revolution than the poor immigrant Jews in London's East End. Although many of them also resisted the influences that modernity had on Jewish tradition - corroding their culture and tempting youth to stray from their fathers' faith - most at least saw technological innovation and economic opportunity as paths to a better life.
- 'The Ascent of Jacob Bronowski', Timothy Sandefur (2019, Prometheus Books), p. 19.