July 30th, 2019

2019-07-30 Tuesday afternoon: First time in a hostel.

My good friend B had offered to put me up during my visit to SF, but that fell through at the last minute and I found myself stranded without a backup plan. (Memo to self: This is why, in lodging and in life generally, you need to have a backup plan.) But long story short, I ended up checking in at the HI hostel in Union Square and it's not bad.

I was afraid I'd hate it. I do not like big crowds (that's why I don't go to beaches or music festivals) and in general I'm comfortable being alone. But I don't need, or even want, total solitude all the time. So I find it's a relief to be able to go someplace where there are other people around, even if they're total strangers and even if we don't interact.

Sleeping four to a room isn't my first choice but the bunk still allows adequate personal space. The lavatories have a toilet with a consolidated wash basin which I think is a clever idea and very efficient. I'm getting used to the environment and the drill of eating in the common dining room and washing your own cups and dishes.

So, I got a decent night's sleep last night and recharged both myself and my mobile devices. Now, on with the plan of the day.

2019-07-30 Tuesday afternoon: Bunny!

After the initial disruption of plans, I finally managed to rendezvous with Bunny and her godparents in their neighborhood, Excelsior. Greg mentioned a place called the Broken Record that I'd already visited the night before, so we met up there and re-connected over dinner.

Bunny just got back from a church camp in Hayward, with a group of friends she knew from there. (She had moved to Hayward with her mom and the mom's then-boyfriend a couple of years ago. After G passed last November, Bunny moved back to San Francisco and moved in with her godparents Greg and Beth.) She had a great time and enjoyed re-connecting with her old friends from there.

Georgianne was a firm believer in giving Bunny a stable social network, and Greg and Beth have been very good about supporting that goal and keeping as much continuity in Bunny's life as possible. When she moved back to SF, they were able to get her back in the school she'd attended before (Rooftop) so she could see her old friends from school again.

So now she has her set of friends from San Francisco and her friends from Hayward, plus her BFF Angelina whom she's known since infancy. And I'm glad I am able to see her and stay involved in her life.

2019-07-30 Tuesday evening: Bunkmate Jonathan.

Jonathan from Germany is in the bunk above me. He's been in America for 2 months; his first time. He first visited the eastern part of North America (including Boston and Montreal), later Phoenix and Flagstaff, and now here. He commented right away on how big the country is - you just can't see all of it, and you really need a plane or a car to travel around. He asked if I was here on business; I explained briefly about visiting the kids, finding myself without lodging, and despite misgivings ("I'm older and I'm used to having my own space") I said I'm enjoying the hostel experience.