September 10th, 2019

2019-09-10 Tuesday evening: Random journal entry!

The rainy season has well and truly begun, and we even got a little lightning and thunder this afternoon. Oh, and a tornado made a brief appearance near Portland the other day.

Work continues to go well - I've been at Green Hills for 7 months now and am getting comfortable with the job. I'm keeping my eyes open for new opportunities, though.

And with various other obligations finally out of the way, the path is finally almost clear for me to take that Network+ certification test, which will be another selling point I can put on my resume and hopefully increase my earning power.

Going forward, I'm hammering out the details of an education plan. I'll probably start with technical courses like Server Administration and Network Administration at Portland Community College, then start working towards a Mathematics degree. At some point I'll transfer back to Portland State for that.