November 21st, 2019

2019-11-21 Thursday morning

Weigh-in 170.2. Slept well last night.

Despite the brand name reminding me of that God-forsaken base in central Air Force base in central Texas where I had a short and unhappy posting many years ago, that black Goodfellow hoodie that I bought at Target a couple of weeks ago for just 20$ was just the thing I needed. It would have been just the thing for a chilly morning like this (32F). Unfortunately, though, it seems to have gone missing within the past couple of days. Old age and forgetfulness? There's not many places in my room it could be hiding. All I can figure is I might have had it stashed in my backpack, and then took it out when I went grocery shopping to make room for groceries, and forgot to put it back. Would it be worth the trouble to check at New Seasons? I've no idea.

Anyway, I'll improvise some other way to stay warm. I *have* been getting more conscientious about keeping my room tidy, with the benefit that at least I didn't have to spend two hours rummaging around looking for the wayward sweater last night.

Genesis 3:24 has been bothering me. "... and He stationed the angels east of the Garden of Eden": Why there? If the Garden was "in the east", then man's approach would have been from the west. But Steinsaltz says [kedem] could also refer to "the front of the garden, in whatever direction it may have been", which makes sense.

Anyway, on with the day. Mission for the day is to get through it and have some fun.

2019-11-21 Thursday evening

I stopped at New Seasons for some groceries after work, and checked to see if my black hoodie was there. Nope. There's still an off-chance it could be hiding in my room somewhere, but it it doesn't turn up, life will still go on.

Can't believe it's a week till Thanksgiving. That means also that it'll be a year since G. left us. I'm sure it will be a hard holiday for Bunny. Going to call her this weekend and see how she's doing.

Getting out.

Sometimes if you push harder, you can surprise yourself. A couple of weeks ago I did that. There were two weeknight events that I wanted to go to, both of them in Portland (about an hour from Hillsboro by city bus) in a single week, and I wasn't sure if I'd have the energy. But I went to both, and was glad I did. The first event was the Peter Hook concert Tuesday night. The following Thursday it was the WalkAway event with Dinesh D'Souza and Andy Ngo - as well as WalkAway founder Brandon Straka, and radio host Lars Larson.

I only stayed for the first half and had to miss Dinesh, but it was good to see Andy. I'd been following him on social media (and met him once or twice in person) since the whole business around him getting fired from the Portland State newspaper. But it was a great event and I was glad I went - it was sold out with 500 seats, and no trouble to speak of from the other side. (They had about 20 of their folks across the street, wearing black masks, yelling curses, and chanting unintelligible slogans.)

Anyway, I've felt energized ever since then. I made it through the week fine, and realized I had more energy than I thought. I realized that a lot of what I thought was being tired was just me telling myself that I should expect to feel tired. Once I changed that mindset, I found I could accomplish a lot more.