November 28th, 2019

2019-11-28 Thursday morning

Weigh-in: 170.2. My morale has been very good lately. I've been working on basic habits: keeping my room clean and neat (setting aside a few minutes every morning and evening to tidy up); keeping the bathroom clean; working consistently on technology, math, and Bible study; and keeping up with my online journal(s).

I'm also keeping up with the habits I started putting in place around the beginning of this calendar year: clearing email and checking bank balance first thing every morning; taking care of my dress and grooming; and watching my weight and my alcohol consumption. Those things, plus making it a point NEVER EVER to miss a day of work (unplanned) for anything short of an actual emergency. These were all things I consciously decided to start focusing on at the time of my 56th birthday, and with 2018's long fiasco with Boss Man still fresh in my memory.

(Personal proverb: Establish good habits - it's easier than breaking bad ones.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Interesting post on the history of Thanksgiving ...

... from Potusgeeks.

The very first Thanksgiving holiday was proclaimed by George Washington on Thursday the 26th day of November, 1789. So the history of the holiday as a Thursday in late November starts there - but it wasn't until 1863, in the troubled times of the Civil War, that President Lincoln made it an official annual holiday. And in 1939, FDR added one last calendrical tweak that establishes the observance of the holiday as we follow it today.

There's more from NPR

... courtesy of the Wikipedia article.