December 1st, 2019

2019-12-01 Sunday morning

Weigh-in: 169.6. Plans for the day: hit the gym, visit storage. Going to try to dig up a book on PowerShell that I think is hiding in there. Weather is expected to be chilly with off-and-on rain.

The academic advisor sent me an updated class schedule based on starting school in the Spring term. (Reason being I need a little more time to get loose ends tied up and save up the tuition.) I'll get Data Comm and Windows OS in Summer, and Server in Fall, plus I re-take Calc 2 then.

Plan for the week is to get the old Subaru gone.

Social media.

Well if you like drama there's always facebook. As long as you're OK with zuckerberg's algorithm picking what you see and when you see it, it can be fun. They count their users in the billions, so there's always something going on. The fast-changing dynamic interface keeps things interesting. (Isn't it fun to have that post crawl halfway up your screen just as you're about to click like or comment?) Just in case you don't have enough opportunities in real life to get into pointless arguments with random strangers, facebook is there for you.

And then at the other end of the spectrum there's LinkedIn. Everybody is so relentlessly upbeat. God, I love a good pep talk as much as anybody, but half an hour on LinkedIn and I feel like I'm living inside a Successories poster.

True confessions: I do have a social media presence outside of LiveJournal (and its bearded Spock twin DreamWidth). I've got over 3,500 HIGHLY! MOTIVATED! linkies on LI, and I'm about maxed out on fb with 5,000 friends (and people I haven't gotten around to unfriending yet). Hey, I can post a cat meme with the best of 'em.

And LiveJournal? Well, I'm not sure if there *are* 5,000 people on LiveJournal. But it's about quality, not quantity!