March 25th, 2020

Wednesday afternoon.

Oregon hasn't been hit as hard by the coronavirus as our neighbors to the north and south, but within Oregon, Washington County - where I live - has the highest number of cases. I don't worry too much about getting the illness personally; I don't like crowds and generally avoid them, plus I'm fortunate to have a fairly robust constitution. Typically if I get sick at all it'll last for about 24 hours and then I'm done. But I do want to be mindful of not being party to transmitting the illness to an elderly or infirm person.

Anyway, my second full day of work-at-home went pretty smoothly. I am getting used to the routine and I suspect I'll come to like it. My job (IT support) is one of those best suited for remote work, and it's likely that the COVID-19 thing will have the effect of accelerating a trend that's already well underway. So from a professional standpoint, the chance to get accustomed to the practical realities of working from home - and supporting others who do - can only help me in the future.

Last time I went shopping, I stocked up on shef-stable food. Grocery Outlet had two flavors of Tasty Bite for 99c a package. One of these - the vindaloo - I hadn't tried before. I had previously only heard of vindaloo in the context of "pork vindaloo" which the vegetarian and kosher-certified TB product obviously is not. So I gave it a try. Most of the TB flavors, even those marked "spicy", are fairly tame. Not this stuff! As it happens I'd been hankering for some hot Indian food, and (short of a trip to one of the nearby Indian restaurants) this filled the bill pretty well.