December 3rd, 2020

2020-12-03 Thursday morning: steampunk watch.

Been a little while since I posted here. Work and life continue to continue.

I have a mild obsession with clocks and calendars. A few years ago, when I had extra money to spend on stupid stuff, I decided I *had* to find myself a wind-up wristwatch. I found a cool-looking model on Amazon that was billed as a "steampunk watch" and advertised as a "chick magnet". Well, how could I not?

The steampunk watch ended up sitting in a drawer for years, while I went back to wearing the more conventional, cheap, electronic sports watches. But just last night, the wristband on my digital watch broke (they don't last very long) and I was out of a watch.

So I dug up the wind-up, steampunk watch, whose hour had come at last, and I'm wearing it now. Too early to assess its timekeeping accuracy (or its powers over the fair sex) but it's fun wearing it. . . .Collapse )