January 27th, 2021

Hoyt: When they come for you.

Sarah Hoyt on the arrest of Brandon Straka.

'... The “crime” so far as there was one on the sixth was putting up barriers and locking the doors to the people wanting to watch their representatives selling them down the river into dictatorship by certifying votes in a fraudulent election. Of note, leftists have “stormed” the capitol on the regular, because of a vote they don’t like, or because they took it in their bizarre, deformed minds that some representative had said something they didn’t like. Not a single one of those people, who have stormed the capitol with signs, with costumes, with papire mache puppets have ever been arrested.

Not a single one of them was also shot through the neck, as was Ashli Babbit (#sayhername) for reasons no one understands, in a crime no one is investigating, and by someone who will never be arrested for her cold blooded murder.

Which brings us to Brandon Straka, again. Arrested by the FBI. For what amounts to “crossed the street at the wrong place.” ...

... First they silence you. Then they arrest you on charges so laughable that you don’t think of defending yourself. And then you disappear.

Like the evidence of fraud in the elections, the courts will find reasons to dismiss the case — no matter how ridiculous — so that the actual lack of evidence of your alleged crimes is never examined. And if needed the press will demonize you, just as they exculpated the (caught on camera) merry fraudsters of November.'
I saw Brandon when he spoke in Portland in late 2019, along with Andy Ngo and Dinesh D'Souza. He's a likeable, charismatic speaker and his enthusiasm is contagious.

I am disgusted by his arbitrary arrest. But I can't say I'm surprised.