March 21st, 2021

No vroom today. Vroom tomorrow. There's always a vroom tomorrow.

I went car shopping this morning, but the dealer wasn't quite able to make the numbers work for the type of model I'm interested in. So I'm still carless, for now, and dependent on the local buses and their annoying mask requirement.

I got home and fixed some veggies, and shared same with the Lady Of The House; the dish seems to have met with her approval. I'm not vegan, necessarily, but I'm interested in learning vegan cooking because I like the challenge and the simplicity of limiting myself to non-animal ingredients.

After a long hiatus, I'm getting back to Genesis and making some notes on Chapter 13 (where Abram partitions the land, and parts ways, with his nephew Lot).

Meeting over beer.

My first in-person meetup in quite some time, and it was quite refreshing. Second meeting of the county GOP's recently-created outreach committee, and our first time meeting face to face. We got a table at a brew pub near where I live - happily, walking distance for me - and talked about plans and next steps. Masks are required until seated, at which point one apparently becomes immune.

Beer will be off the menu next weekend and the following week, of course, owing to Passover. I've decided to get ambitious and attempt a vegan matzo ball soup. (Wish me luck, I'll need it.) I ordered the matzo meal and ground flaxseed today, delivery hopefully Tuesday.

Work is going well, but I'm looking forward to the vacation days I've got scheduled for next week - Monday for the holiday, Tuesday and Wednesday just for me.