May 10th, 2021

Monday night.

AUTOMOTIVE. The new Nissan Versa has yet to get a permanent license plate, but she's finally had a long-overdue trip to the car wash. Also (given that my last car was a 20-year-old Subaru with a plain metal key) I'm still adjusting to the luxury of these newfangled remote-locking key fobs. I got a plastic cover for the fob today, in the hopes that I'll finally be able to stop butt-dialing the hood release.

WORK. The two new techs on our team start this week. Today's workload was fairly mellow for a Monday, but there was a flurry of activity in the afternoon when the company sent out a test "phishing" email to see who would click on it. Fortunately, most people seem to have steered clear of it, and we had a lot of people calling IT to ask what they should do about a suspicious email. (Answer: there's a "report phishing" button on your inbox.) A few unwary souls clicked the link, and found themselves enrolled in remedial security training.

SOCIAL. This past weekend I went to a meetup with one of the conservative groups I belong to, and had a great time. Good to see familiar faces, and some new ones, and enjoy in-person conversation and companionshp - and now, finally, I no longer had to schlep there and back by bus.