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A Day in the Life

Going to drop some résumés off this afternoon, hoping to get some work going on soon.

Meanwhile I've been keeping busy with creative writing and occasionally working puzzles. I'm not normally one of those puzzle people, with crossword books, mazes, brain teasers, and so forth always under one arm. But I do find I'm developing an interest in that sort of stuff.

Also I find working puzzles or other left-brain activity helps with my creative side. It's as if I reach a point where the creative brain needs a break, and the analytical brain needs exercise. Seems to be a good way to get past writer's block, taking the pressure off the right brain for a little bit. Plus there's an element of problem-solving in any kind of creative work - working out a plot, color and composition, or arranging melodies and harmonies so that they make sense - and successfully working puzzles reinforces the awareness that "problems have solutions" so that I go back to the creative work with more confidence.

Currently I'm re-working all of "The Queen's Courtesan" that I've written to date and will post it here in one piece (using an LJ cut) when it's ready. I expect that TQC v2.0 will be longer and will hopefully read better.
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