asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Beautiful day.

Just went for a leisurely run down Folsom and Mission to Army Street and back. (We live on the corner of 21st and Treat.) Looking forward to an easy, lazy day today, with not much exertion beyond a trip to the gym this afternoon. Right now I'm sitting by the crib as S. sleeps quietly while G works downstairs in the garden.

Yesterday G and I busted ass getting the backyard and garage whipped into shape. G shares the building with five other units but the back was a trashy wasteland until she decided to fix it up nice for S and us. It's an amazing transformation.

Wouldn't you know, just as I type the words "S. sleeps quietly", Wonder Girl starts fussing and fidgeting again. 'S okay, I'll bottle her and diaper her and play on the floor with her for a while. She's a fun kid.


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