asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Yummy green stuff.

Recent conversation (approximately):

a63: Hey Sophie. Try some of this. It's that Yummy Green Stuff.
Sophie: [No way. I'm not eating that.]
a63: Oh come on. It's the Yummy Green Stuff you like.
Sophie: [Nice try. You know I hate that stuff.]
a63: One spoonful ...
Sophie: [Okay, just because you're being sooo annoying, I'm gonna humor you and swallow a mouthful. What's in this stuff anywway?]
a63: Yaaay!!! Good girl!
Sophie: [Yeah, whatever. What IS this stuff?]
a63: ... such a good girl ...
Sophie: [Flattery is getting you exactly nowhere. This is SPINACH you're feeding me, isn't it?!?]
a63: ... one more spoonful ...
Sophie: [It is! It's spinach!]
a63: ... the yummy green stuff ...
Sophie: [You're feeding me SPINACH!!!]
a63: ... just one more spoonful ...
Sophie (raises finger defiantly heavenward): [It's made out of spinach! Yummy green stuff is made out of spinach! You've got to tell them! You've got to tell them! Yummy green stuff is made out of spinach....!]

Roll credits.

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