asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Embarking on my new life as a computer geek. Hopefully.

Monday I start classes to get my CompTIA A+ certificate. It's this course here -
- which, if I understand correctly, is my first step toward getting an entry-level job in the IT field.

I also enrolled in online classes in C and UNIX, which I probably won't finish by the end of the six-month term. (My self-discipline is terrible, plus I have the excuse of having a GF and a baby to take care of ... ) Anyway, even if I don't end up getting the class credit, I do aim to acquire the skills, so I'm working as many of the exercises as I can, studying the textbooks, and downloading the course materials while I can before the term expires.

For a long time I resisted pursuing an interest in the computer field - I think I was leery of geek culture. But my first programming experience was when I was a kid in grade school - I was maybe ten years old - and I learned BASIC programming at a science school in Avon, Connecticut where I went on Saturdays. (The Talcott Mountain Science Center is still there - .) We used a teletype machine, which connected via a landline modem to a computer. I think the computer itself was offsite. We stored our programs on yellow punched tape.

Anyway I'm excited about making the transition from end user to official nerd. Wish me luck.
Tags: geekery

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