asher63 (asher63) wrote,

San Francisco

It's been one year (as of this past weekend) since I left Portland to move back to San Francisco.

Things I like about SF? Well, the intesnity, the variety of experience, and having the ocean nearby. I like Live 105 and the great selection of radio stations in general. And I like being around old friends, some of whom I've known for many years.

I like the Mission, where G and I are living. We have some really nice neighbors. (Well, there's the crackheads too, but we can deal with that.) I like the downtown too, and I've grown oddly attached to the Financial District and Montgomery Street area. Ms. X and TNG live in the Richmond, where I visit TNG regularly, and I still get out to the Sunset where I used to live with Ms. X.

And of course we've got the Legion of Honor the DeYoung, the Asian Art Museum and the SFMOMA (which is currently running a Frida Kahlo exhibit that I want to see). From a more pragmatic standpoint, this is the place to be if you're considering embarking on a career in the computer field.

I'm going to start carrying my camera around again, because I want to get back into posting photos here and on my Flickr page.

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