asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Sleepless in San Francisco

It's 1:15am. Sophie's asleep, and G is at the studio doing some work in preparation for the upcoming Mission Open Studios event. Her new work is amazing and bold, she's doing lots of fun things with color. I'm really excited about the Open Studios event; hopefully TNG will be able to visit again, too.

Sophie now has five or six new teeth! Apparently they all came in while she and G were visiting G's parents on the East Coast, and I was spared the ordeal. Sophie is crawling like nobody's business now, and is reportedly echoing her mom's "pow pow pow!" when they are playing around.

G likes working at night, and it's easy to see why - no hassles or distractions, and perhaps the night puts us in a meditative, trancelike state to begin with. I'm a morning person and like to get up at 5am. Normally I would be dead asleep at this hour but I have fallen prey to missing G something fearsome, and I can't sleep, so I am journaling to keep busy.

I thought I would get a lot of creative writing and stuff done while she was away, but, nope. I was pretty much at loose ends. I mean it was good for both of us to have some space but after about the first three days the novelty wore off. Anyway it is paradoxically the case for me that I'm more creative when I am busy.

I just heard Sophie fuss and fidget but it doesn't look like she's waking up for a bottle and change just yet. She is 18lbs now! Oh and did I mention the teeth?

BTW, here's a link to Georgianne Fastaia dba badfishstudios and here's her Mission Open Studios page. She works at the Art Explosion on Harrison Street.

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