asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Mission Impossible

Another fun evening in the Mission: we just had a big bust on the block. Around 10:30pm, I heard a police bullhorn and there were, no shit, about a dozen cop cars all up and down Treat Street. There was this one compact they'd pulled over with a whole bunch of teens crammed in it - there was even a kid in the trunk! I think the car must have been stolen because about 45 minutes later another young guy drove up in a pickup with his girlfriend, showed some paperwork to the cop who was guarding the vehicle, and the cop waved him over; so I'm guessing that was the vehicle's rightful owner showing his registration. Anyway, the street is quiet now.

Sophie is sleeping downstairs; G is at the studio helping prepare for Open Studios and also trying to sort out the mess after a soap opera with some of the managers resulted in a staff meltdown (don't ask).

I'm seeing TNG tomorrow afternoon. He's going to be visiting his mom's family in New York over the holidays.

Other than that ... life keeps on ticking.

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