asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Belated congratulations ...

... to all the Democrats and Obama supporters out there. My own feelings are better expressed by Mohammed -
I worry about the future of Iraq’s security and democracy. This simple fact has made me hope for an American leader who will perpetuate the strategy of supporting Iraq for the good of the two nations and for the world, in the war on terror.

In spite of my Republican leanings, I view the result of the presidential election as a victory for the values of the American nation.

I certainly have great trust in Republican leaders who liberated my people from tyranny. I trust the American nation as a whole even more. America has offered the world — through her pluralism and temporary divide — yet a new lesson in humanity.

From my perspective, the result of the election was not a defeat for America but a victory. Americans have demonstrated that country matters more than party.

- and Azarmehr:
What a joy it is however to live in a democracy, where you can change your leader with your vote, without fearing any consequences. A privilege worth fighting for.

The fact that a dark skinned man with a Muslim name and a broken home can become a US president proves democracy provides opportunities for all.

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