asher63 (asher63) wrote,

State of the world.

Little one just woke up, had a diaper change, is having a bottle. TNG is two weeks away from his bar mitzvah.

G is turning out some amazing work these days. She is hoping to get into a very exclusive (and lucrative!) San Francisco gallery, and I think she has a good shot at it. She's focusing on taking her work to the next level, and improving her marketing strategies.

I'm helping her get set up with a blog, a website, and an eBay account. This dovetails with my planned move into the IT field in the coming year. I don't usually think of myself as being knowledgeable about computers, and I'm not, really; but I do have a solid set of end-user skills that not everybody possesses. Things like using MS Office applications, publishing a blog, uploading and downloading media, managing files, and doing routine maintenance on a computer - things I take for granted, but things that not everybody knows how to do. That's where I'm starting, and building on my existing skill set, which includes the ability to work with people without making them feel stupid. By the end of 2009, my tool kit will have expanded to include A+ certification, C++, and HTML.

I've got a job interview this morning, then I go hang out with an old friend. Hopefully I can visit TNG this evening and talk bar mitzvah stuff.

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