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Lullabyes of the World

Keeping the little munchkin entertained is no easy task, and I haven't got the patience to sit through "Barney". Fortunately there is some tolerable programming for infants and children out there.

One item we discovered on the internet was this lovely collection of lullabies (what is the correct plural form, anyway?) with animation, produced in Russia. (Proof that Russia is good for something besides LJ spambots.) Unfortunately the original domain is expired, but some of the videos have been immortalized on YouTube:

You can also do a search on the Russian phrase " Колыбельные мира ".

Here's the Turkish one:

There are also features in Russian, Hebrew, Yiddish, French, Ukrainian, Armenian, and several other langugages. Enjoy.

PS - Here's the Wikipedia entry on the project, "Lullabies of the World":
Lullabies of the World (Russian: Колыбе́льные ми́ра; tr.:Kolubelnyye mira) is a Russian animated project begun in 2005, whose goal is to create animated music videos to musical performances of lullabies (in their original languages) from countries around the world. All of the films are directed by Yelizaveta Skvotsova. It is made at Metronome Studio and supported by the Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography of the Russian Federation.

20 lullabies are currently completed, and more are being made. The project has received high critical praise within Russia and won a number of awards at film festivals. ...

And an English-language site:
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