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Blogdad for Beginners

In the weeks following the liberation of Iraq, a number of entrprising young Iraqis began setting up weblogs to share their thoughts with the outside world. These blogs, collectively known as “Blogdad” among their fans, provide a tremendously valuable source of information and insights on the current situation in Iraq. For supporters of the freedom movement, they are required reading!

I began following Zeyad’s blog “Healing Iraq” last November, after reading about it in Andrew Sullivan. I quickly became a daily reader and added several others to my reading list. Happily the Iraqi blogs are catching on; not long ago Omar’s blog “Iraq the Model” was quoted by Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz.

For those just joining us, I’ll be highlighting some of my favorite entries from the past six months, and commenting on the issues they raise. I’ll also share my thoughts on the bigger questions surrounding the blogs: for example, how do we know they’re for real?

The Comments sections of the Iraqi blogs are very exciting places. Fans of the blogs like to share ideas with other Zeyaddicts, and there’s always plenty of lively debate. There’s a certain amount or petty bickering, too, and the ever-present grumbling of trolls. But it’s a great place to get in on the action, and hook up with other pro-freedom folks.

Following is a PARTIAL list; these are the ones I've been following most closely, but there are others:

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