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AOL doesn't suck. For now.

As most of my regular readers already know, I am officially Evil, so it should come as no surprise that I have been an AOL user for a number of years.

The other day I got an e-mail from AOL saying my account was in danger of being suspended, and would I please get in touch with them either thru the website or by phone. I chose the phone because I have a strong bias in favor of speaking to a live person. Well, I dialed the toll-free number and the recording said I could expect to wait ten minutes. Grrr. It turned out to be more like twenty. Grrrrrr. Now I don't know about you, but there are few things I find more annoying than calling a customer service number, being put on hold, and then being forced to listen to a recording that says, "Thank you for calling. It's really too much trouble to answer your call, why don't you go to our website instead. Please go away."

Well, a live person (Angela) did finally pick up, apologized for the wait (thank you) and then got right down to the business of my account. I noticed that the information I'd provided at the beginning of the call was actually sent on to the phone rep - don't you hate having to give your name and zipcode several times over? So they got that one right too. Angela brought up the payment problem - the last debit hadn't gone through, perhaps I'd changed my bank account number? Sadly, no, I said, I'm just broke. I explained that I was out of work and had no income, was looking for work and had a possible interview next week, and could I possibly get a few extra days to pay the fee? She did better than that - she said she'd request that AOL waive my fee for this month, and next month too.

Well, heck. Can't complain about that. So AOL is officially off my sh*t list for the time being.
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