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Book Adventures

Apparently it was a mistake to order "The Modern Hebrew Poem Itself" from Amazon with overnight shipping by FedEx. I normally get my Amazon deliveries (and most of my mail) at my UPS box downtown, but on this particular day the UPS shop opened late, and apparently the idiot FedEx driver wrote "Wrong Address" on the delivery form. Then when FedEx called me and I explained the situation, the idiot FedEx rep said "Oh, is that one a' those lil mailboxes you guys rent? We don't deliver to those." (Apparently this person believes "we guys", the customers, belong to a separate class whose affairs are of little practical concern.) In any case, that's factually untrue, and (as I confirmed with the manager of the UPS shop), FedEx delivers there three times a day.

I then went to order the book from Alexander Book Company, and hoo boy has that place gone downhill. What ever happened to the tall guy with the earring who used to flirt with me? This character who was at the register looked at me like I was spoiling his break. When he did the computer search for the book's title, he couldn't spell "modern", couldn't spell "Hebrew" (even after I spelled it for him), and three times ignored my suggestion to enter the full title (" ... Poem Itself") so as to avoid a lot of irrelevant results with "modern Hebrew" in the title. Grrr.

Anyway, I finally got the book ordered - I think - and they're supposed to call me when it comes in.
Tags: books, customer disservice, hebrew

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