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Ben-Zion Netanyahu
'Benzion Netanyahu, father of Prime Minister Binyamin Netnayahu, was laid to rest at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, at a plot for bereaved parents at the Har Hamenuhot cemetery in Jerusalem.

The late Netanyahu died early Monday morning at the age of 102.

Speaking at the funeral, the prime minister said said that his father had shown him what commitment was, both to the state and to family.

The prime minister recalled the death of his brother Yonatan, who died in the Entebbe rescue raid. Since his death, Netanyahu said, his father changed his focus to international terrorism, with the belief that it is possible to fight terrorism by fighting states that sponsor it. ...'
'The father of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Benzion Netanyahu, was laid to rest on Monday evening at Har Hamenuhot in Jerusalem.

"You always showed us what it means to be committed to the nation and state, father," said the prime minister, "but more than that – what is your commitment to us." '
'At a meeting of Yisrael Beiteinu MKs Monday, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman offered condolences to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on the loss of his father. “I knew Professor Ben-Zion Netanyahu personally. He is one of the great men of this generation, a philosopher and very well-informed and intelligent. ...'

Remembered by a friend and political rival:
[Originally published 2010 July 6.]
'There can be few friendships stranger than Benzion Netanyahu’s and mine, for on the urgent question of Israel’s security we could not be more opposed. Benzion, a disciple and former secretary of Ze’ev Jabotinsky and to this day an uncompromising Zionist Revisionist, believes that the State of Israel should occupy both banks of the Jordan, presumably by force. At the time of the Oslo Accords, when my wife and I visited Benzion, surrounded by his books in his comfortable Jerusalem home, he denounced the accords as “the beginning of the end of the Jewish State” and admonished his son Bibi, then as now prime minister, for having relinquished Hebron to the Palestine Authority under the agreement. ...'
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