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Hither and Yon

As is usually the case, my life is at loose ends. Currently there is no food in the fridge, almost no food in the freezer, and nine dollars in my wallet. My checking account was in the single digits last time I checked, too. (I haven't checked in a while.) A temp agency has set me up for a two- to three-week job starting this week, I had to fill out a background check form and take a pee test to prove I don't smoke weed, and now that I've jumped through all those hoops I have to wait for them to get back to me. Oh, and this agency requires that I fax in my timesheet AND fill out their online form, so that I can get paid a full week after the work week.

And then again, there's my uncle's estate. Which, after the Federal Government finishes taking their cut in taxes, could provide me enough income so that I'll never have to see the inside of a cubicle again. We're just waiting to hear back from the lawyers. Which could happen tomorrow. Or weeks from now.

So I'm standing on the corner of "Life Sucks" and "No Worries", waiting for the light to change. It's just weird.
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