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Happy Valentine's Day!

So, I'm temporarily putting the cork on the bottle of snark (it's a magnum) and wishing everyone a truly happy and fulfilling Valentine's Day.

(Me, bitter? Nah.)

Best wishes to everyone in LJ-land and beyond (even the ex-girlfriend). Best wishes to those very special people on my friends list, and to those whom I haven't yet friended. And happy, warm, positive thoughts to all my friends outside of LJ-land who might not be reading this.

fatfeistyfemme, you rock. I hope we'll be able to meet in person one day.

tesao, have lots of fun and adventures in that West African city whose name always makes me crack a grin when I type it.

bluecarp, all the best with the crazy world of art and dance.

fairiegodmother, I *will* make it up to your town one of these days soon. Really looking forward to meeting you in person!

heyiya, good luck getting over the Valentine's bug.

ksej, great news about Andrea meeting her father. Hope it took some of the sting out of the Scunthorpe draw ... better luck next time.

silverseabear, I honestly couldn't have lived another minute without knowing those giant, lily-scented worms were alive and well. Hope the weather in Poland isn't too brutal.

kefiraahava, I hate it too. (See top of post.) Happy VD anyway.

battygurl ... classificatory!
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