asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Safeway Club Card Rant

So I finally caved and filled out the forms for a new Safeway card, after the old one got destroyed and I spent a few weeks righteously defying the corporate Man by refusing to present a card at checkout.

You know, they make SURE that it takes you longer to check out without a card than with one! "Do you have a Safeway card? Did you lose it? You know you can enter your phone number ... do you want to apply for a new card? You can save lots of money ... are you really super-sure positive you don't want one? Well okaaaaaaay ... "

So my desire to get-it-the-f**k-over-with-already finally overcame my paranoia about corporate data mining and I am now the proud owner, or at least the no longer resisting owner, of a new Safeway card. And anyway, I'll save some money, right?

I'll just tell myself, "Sometimes you have to pick your battles."
Tags: customer disservice

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