asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Life updates.

I went back to Krav Maga last night, for the first time since last summer. I'd been dreading it because I felt I'd gotten out of shape, but I actually had a great time. The only hard part is the warm-ups - about 20 minutes at the beginning of class - which start easy but quickly progress to being quite demanding. My 50-year-old body just doesn't have the same reserve of oomph that it used to, so I've trained myself to go easy on the harder exercises so I don't get worn out.

With the tough part out of the way, the rest of the class is combat training - punches, blocks, and so on. Last night we focused on blocking punches and knife attacks, practicing with a rubber knife.

I'm working full-time now, through an office-services contractor. My current gig is doing office deliveries at a major pharma corporation. I'm not crazy about mailroom work but I can live with it for another couple of weeks, until the assignment ends. I'm on my feet all day, so getting to Krav last night was a major victory of willpower over tired feet.

And I've decided that this is the summer I start seriously writing for publication!

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