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June 2, Sunday 19:00. Bunny winding down after a busy day. I did actually manage to drag her to the Israel event for a short time. She went out to the pool with babysitter L. for a while, came in and had a bath, and then - when I'd given up hope of persuading her to go downtown with us - L announced that they were ready to go. After overcoming the logistical challenges (Lee had a bike, and no longer has a car as it turns out - so she biked and Bunny and I shadowed her in a taxi) we got to the event at around 14:00 and stayed for a little under an hour. We didn't manage to rendezvous with [librarian friend], but we did run into TNG and his mom, Ms. X. I love seeing TNG and Bunny together - they have such a terrific rapport. They spotted one another and high-fived immediately.

June 3, Monday 21:21. My last Monday in the BigPharma mailroom, yayz. I don't mind BigPharma as a work site but mailroom work is not for me, even absent the foot problems. Wouldn't mind continuing my flirtationships with C. and/or S., but I need a break from that gig. Guess I'll have to deal with it.

BP has the advantages of being a big-name employer (one of the biggest businesses in the Bay Area) and having lots of people - so, better odds of finding a dating partner on the job. Unfortunately it's the one site (that I know of) where OfficeCo has no document production function - only mailroom, and hospitality (that means wiping the counter in the fucking coffee rooms twice a day).

And I want to give my feet a break, but I don't want to exclude myself from document production gigs, which is after all what I have the most experience in. Best chances of promotion would be in that field.

June 4, Tuesday 21:10. So I'm 40 percent done with my last week - for now - at BigPharma. I find I'm both relishing and dreading the time off.

On the one hand, I do want some leisure time so I can get stuff done: writing, activism, studying, and Krav. I haven't been lying about my feet - they hurt like hell at the end of a work day, especially the left one, and they're sore all day long. Plus the drudgery of mailroom work is making my brain hurt. I could never do this kind of work as a permanent job - I'd end up being one of those postal workers you read about in the news. I just have no tolerance for the particular kind of tediousness that goes with sorting mail.

On the other hand, overall the OfficeCo gig is a very good fit for me, and office services is the one area where I have enough experience and competence that I could reasonably shoot for a supervisory position in fairly short order. Then a managerial role. (Then I might finally get to sit down once in a while!) Plus I really, honestly do like a lot of aspects of the job: I'm good at production copying, and I like the mix of autonomy and teamwork, craftsmanship and people skills. It's demanding in a good way - forces me to deal with problem-solving, multi-tasking, customer service, and so on. Those are things I'll need for any worthwhile job, regardless of the particulars of the work itself. And I could even tolerate working in the mailroom as long as it was broken up and mixed with other kinds of work.

Besides which, I think it's good for my personal development, as well as for my work history, to spend some time continuously committed to a single job. In fact it's probably good that it's kind of hard and unpleasant - you know, Nietzsche and all that. So I'm going to suck it up and embrace the suckitude.
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