asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Totalitarian Peanuts

At least, that's the image that comes to my mind when I read the phrase "plantar fasciitis". But that's what I've got in my left foot; it's also called "policeman's heel" and it's that pain around the inner part of your heel that you can get if you spend a lot of time standing, walking, or running, especially if you tend to pronate.

I've had a tendency to walk with my toes pointing outward, so that my weight travelled along the width, rather than the length, of my feet - in other words, pronating. I've done this for years, probably all my life, and managed to get away with it until recently when the pain in my feet started to become a real problem.

Fortunately it looks like it's fixable. After I realized that fixing my posture was the key to getting rid of the back pain I'd been having lately, it occurred to me that some posture tweaks might help the foot pain too. And they have. I'm remembering to keep my head and upper body high (as if there's a balloon attached to the top of my head), my lower back firm and upright, and my feet pointed forward when I walk.

I'm having to take a break from walking or running any long distances, but fortunately it isn't getting in the way of my Krav Maga lessons - Krav is one thing that doesn't seem to bother the foot.

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